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28 February 2019

In case your earth ain’t flat you might be cautiously interested in TWARLEX’ new album: »Beware Of The Leopard«. And, o boy, that Leopard is loose on 29-March-2019 and you better watch out carefully while TWARLEX sets out on a new European Tour (dates announced very shortly!). TWARLEX invites the listener to a journey through his musical galaxy. Joining the various interstellar dots, TWARLEX’ sound sees a shift into other musical territory, revealing a more worldly feel than its predecessor »Alien Pirate«. Tracks like the irresistibly Portuguese flavoured »Staring Back At You« leave the listener no doubt that TWARLEX enjoyed those various musical tastes on his last European tour. Basically, TWARLEX continued working as he used to, incorporating a vast musically competent staff from all over the globe into the production of the new material. While most of the guesting musicians found their way directly into TWARLEX’ Studio B-4, other contributions were made in down under, at the foot of the Peruvian Andes, and near the sunny beaches of California, to name but the furthermost distances music stems go these days in the global village that found a nice living and breathing space in TWARLEX’ shiny pearls of indie pop. Get the exlusive 2 disc special edition on this very channel only or attend a concert of Twarlex for five beautiful extra tracks and remixes.

Just fresh on the table is DE3IVAT with their third EP called »Accelerate On Stalemate«. If you haven’t already listened in on Spotify and the like, why didn’t you?! Best to buy the EP here as we have a flac HD audio version at our disposal. DE3IVAT expanded their sound universe with four new classics in noise-pop-dance-electronix of the highest order. And DE3IVAT wouldn't be DE3IVAT if they hadn't a notorious past as T3AFO. So, with »Elite Entertainment«, the band brings their first, well, let's say, political track to the table. Still satirical they managed to manipulate some famous (read: notorious) words of one Mr Walter Ulbricht (no less) for their nasty purposes. Accordingly the video was made in the icy-cold winter of 2012 as part of a cancelled T3AFO endavour at that what's left of the iron curtain. One question is still begging: Ist es denn wirklich so? But don't miss out those three other tracks from »Accelerate On Stalemate«. And be surprised! Enjoy.