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02 July 2018

TWARLEX got together with the guys from T3AFO and кожа for a quite disturbing ambient-dub-rework and video-single of TWARLEX's »Forever Lost«, undoubtly one of the stronges track from their recent album »Alien Pirate«. Check out our section to take a good deep watch and listen!

Meanwhile, DE3IVAT have just completed not their first but their first two 4-track EPs due for release this year.DE3IVAT, which is much more than less exactly T3AFO, yet cloaked and guised in secret, decided for a less-than-heavy release schedule for no less than six EPs starting 31-August! They dare to announce that after that date, every three months there will be a new EP to flood the digital market place. First fruits can be listened to (and watched!) in two weeks from now when their website is completed and launched! Rumours say that the EP-series might cumulate in an exclusive double vinyl LP by Xmas 2019! Let's not forget to breathe until then and first enjoy what is to come very soon.

Meanwhile: enjoy the summer!