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25 January 2019

Happy New Year, folks! In case you didn't feel like looking around on Facebook and Instagram, instead living your life waiting for this very news to arrive (well, thank you!), we salute you and can congratulate you: it was well worth the wait. DE3IVAT bring their third instalment named »Accelerate On Stalemate« to the streaming-market and since you're so devoted checking out this very page, you're welcome enjoying a first listen und purchase this wonderful product again in high-definition audio. Since pleasure starts with listening in, DE3IVAT expanded their sound universe with four new classics in noise-pop-dance-electronix of the highest order. And DE3IVAT wouldn't be DE3IVAT if they hadn't a notorious past as T3AFO. So, with »Elite Entertainment«, the band brings thier first, well, let's say, political track to the table. Still satirical they managed to manipulate some famous (read: notorious) words of one Mr Walter Ulbricht (no less) for their nasty purposes. Accordingly the video was made in the icy-cold winter of 2012 as part of a cancelled T3AFO endavour at that what's left of the iron curtain. One question is stll begging: Ist es denn wirklich so? But don't miss out those three other tracks from »Accelerate On Stalemate«. And be surprised! Enjoy.

TWARLEX has eventually finished production of »Beware Of The Leopard«, his second album due for release on 29th of March on Compact Disc, as Compact Disc Special Edition and on your favourite streaming service (no less). »BOTL« provides quite a shift in sound from TWARLEX’ debut record »Alien Pirate« of 2017. The new album incorporates more elements that could easily be mistaken as world music but are in fact influences of local musical tastes that TWARLEX explored en route his »Alien Pirate« tour. Again the songs feature a great stall of musicians from all over the world contributing their special flavour to the compositions. And, of course, TWARLEX is going to tour again to promote »The Leopard«. Taken with him is a very limited special edition 2CD set of »The Leopard« featuring exclusive material which didn’t make the album along with single mixes and other conspiratorial secrets. Keep it coming!