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23 November 2017

During the last months we took a decent listen to stuff we'd released over the years. Suddenly behind drawers of original analogue and digital mastertapes we found DATs and CD-ROMs including material that has been completed, even mastered, but never saw the light of day. Among those we found a decent CD-ROM disc from our mastering engineer Denis Blackham taped with a sticker saying »La Félicité/MPD«. Let me explain: By autumn 2008 IMENTU completed recording and mixing what became their beautiful debut (and swan song) album EUPHORIA. Before we went to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, home of Denis Blackham's SKYE MASTERS studio, we decided to record an extra track from the very old days of IMENTU, namely MILES PER DAY with the intention to release a ltd 12inch vinyl (in luminous green of course) for xmas 2009. For side one of that record the band and producer Mirco Dalos remixed the full album into a new ambient track which was called LA FÉLICITÉ. When Denis mastered the original album late 2008, those two extra tracks were also mastered by Denis in High Resolution exclusively for cutting onto vinyl later in the year 2009. Sadly, by the time EUPHORIA was released end of February 2009, the band started to fall apart and by the end of the year dispanded operation. So, these tracks were filed away and never released. Now, eight years after their intended release, we found it was just time to give them a digital release. Now it's your turn to enjoy. You'll also find these songs alongside the original album EUPHORIA now on your favourite streaming services.

Meanwhile, TWARLEX prepares for the release of their first single LET LOOSE accompanied by a promo video for xmas this year. TWARLEX will reveal more to it very shortly. By the way, they close the year with two live performances:

  • 22 December 2017 - Bremerhaven, Deutschland
  • 23 December 2017 - Porto, República Portuguesa